Compact On-site H₂ P roduction and Compression for
High Pressure H₂ Delivery in the Laboratory Environment

What is HyCo?

HyCo operates without moving parts – thus, it operates silently and requires no maintenance
HyCo is plug-and-play – no time-consuming setup is required
HyCo safely compresses hydrogen up to 198 bar (2870 psi)
HyCo delivers ultra pure H₂
HyCo is extremely safe


  • Startup time: 10 minutes
  • Near ambient pressure in idle mode
  • Reaches 198 bar in less than 6 minutes
  • Up to 60 NL H₂ storage capacity
  • Maximal outlet flow: 400 Nml/min
  • Variable outlet pressure from 10 bar (145 psi) up to 198 bar (2872 psi)
  • Versatile refill options such as electrolysers, low pressure hydrogen lines or high pressure cylinders stored externally

Product Brochure



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