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Nous travaillons avec des partenaires commerciaux internationaux pour rendre nos solutions disponibles dans le monde entier. Vous pouvez les trouver sur la carte ci-dessous et les contacter ou nous contacter directement via notre formulaire de contact dédié.

Our journey began in 1985, providing Apple computer maintenance and repair for the cotton industry in Pakistan. This early experience instilled a deep understanding of technology's role in optimizing operations. Over the decades, we've expanded our expertise to encompass comprehensive corporate ICT, RE and radio communication solutions. We've delivered end-to-end telecommunication infrastructure, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) services, and regulatory support for a wide range of products used in Pakistan's Oil & Gas fields, serving industry leaders like Union Texas/BP, Lasmo/Eni, OMV, BHP and Maersk. This extensive experience positions us as a one-window contractor for efficient enterprise network rollout. Moreover, we bring a unique blend of international vision and regional expertise to project management, uniting diverse skill sets and knowledge areas. This includes ensuring 24x365 uninterrupted power – a critical aspect in a field development where technology is constantly evolving and strong leadership is essential.

As the world embraces sustainable development, we recognize the urgency of eliminating pollution. That's why we're partnering with GRZ-Technologies of Switzerland to champion Green Hydrogen, a groundbreaking solution for clean energy. This patented low-pressure H2 storage technology facilitates fuel cell power generation, offering the most potent independent energy solution developed in recent decades. Compact, safe, and containerized, it provides a scalable power range of 0.3-10 Megawatts for rapid deployment, empowering long-term energy independence.



Shahid T. Ahsanullah - CTO

43  Allibhai  Centre, (Opp McDonalds) 

233A  Block  2  PECHS, Shahrah Quaideen,

Karachi,  Pakistan.


+92 340 102 6794

+92 345 223 1959 (Whatsapp your queries)

Hind Rectifiers Limited (HIRECT),  Established in 1958,  is a pioneer in Electronic & Electrical solutions for Industrial and Railway sectors. Our diverse array of products include Transformers, Rectifiers, Converters, Rotating Machines, Control Electronics, Battery Chargers, HVAC Systems and others critical subsystems. The key focus of Hirect, 65 years later, continues to be on Technology and Innovation. Our strong R&D team comprises Electrical, Mechanical, Software and Power Electronics Engineers to cater to a wide range of applications in  Power sector, Heavy Industries, Steel, Cement, and Railway Transportation. 
HIRECT has a vision to expand its offering of Hydrogen Power Supplies with additional technologies needed for the Hydrogen Economy to contribute to carbon neutral targets set by our government.
Shailesh Mehta
General Manager - Marketing
Hind Rectifiers Limited
Lake Road, Bhandup (West), 
Mumbai – 400078, India.

WE Energy was set up over 20 years ago by individuals who have worked for some of the world's largest companies in Consultancy, Engineering, Utilities, Communications and Facilities Management.

Using our deep and broad technical knowledge, combined with an engineering and forensic approach, WE Energy hopes to tackle one of the biggest challenges that Our Planet face today, Climate Change. Our solutions are Client-Focused as well as Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly.


Peter Lam 


WE Energy

2nd Floor Regis House

45 King William Street

London, EC4R 9AN


Tel: +44 844 858 8084

Fax: +44 844 858 8085

Mobile: +44 7970 246 451



Volta Swiss Hungary brings energy indepence for households and the industry. We design, execute and maintain solar energy based power production facilities with energy storage and recovery. Our turnkey solutions portfolio:

- Solar plants with energy storage ( battery & hydrogen )

- Carbon neutral Energy storage and supply ( hydrogen based )

- Industry decarbonisation ( CO2 recycling )

Our team can deliver projects adopted to clients need globally, we can combine efficiently clients requirements with high performing project delivery.


Norbert Nemes

Commercial & Technical director

Tel: +36 20 459 6836



Since its beginning in 2016 INERSO has been committed to making a positive contribution to a more sustainable global energy supply by offering its customers innovative energy solutions with a focus on smart technologies, renewable energy sources and new business models. Today the company has 3 business activities:

- Technology consulting, replacing fossil fuels with sustainable energy sources.

- Development and realization of Industrial projects in the 100 kW to MW power range, together with technology and contracting partners.

- Design and supply of modular p-to-p energy system in the 1 to 40 kW power range.

Our partnership with GRZ Technologies SA is a key element of our business model, giving us access to their revolutionary hydrogen storage and fuel cell technology, which is typically part of most of our industrial projects and an important component of our modular energy units.

Together with our general contracting partner CES Cleantech Energy Systems/Energeek Group AG we can plan and execute large industrial site development projects, using state-of-the-art PV production and energy storage technology with the objective of achieving the highest possible energy autonomy. CES is also prepared to act as an investor, financing and operating the integrated energy system for the customer on a contracting basis.

Please let us know how we can help you with your sustainable energy challenge!


Fridolin Holdener, CEO

Mobile: +41 79 639 4976



Hanspeter Rosenberg

Mobile: +41 79 321 8803


Chamerstrasse 56, Herti, Neustadt, Zug, 6300, Switzerland

Volta Swiss brings energy indepence for households and the industry. We design, execute and maintain solar energy based power production facilities with energy storage and recovery. Our turnkey solutions portfolio:

- Solar plants with energy storage ( battery & hydrogen )

- Carbon neutral Energy storage and supply ( hydrogen based )

- Industry decarbonisation ( CO2 recycling )

Our team can deliver projects adopted to clients need globally, we can combine efficiently clients requirements with high performing project delivery.

Volta Swiss is also an exclusive importer of DEYE / VTAC solar solutions (panels, inverters, batteries ) for Switzerland, hence we have access to a reliable global supply network, with an ability to deliver and execute anywhere globaly.


Norbert Nemes

Commercial & Technical director

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

Solar & Hydrogen - distribution & engineering & installations

Volta Swiss SARL ( CHE-133599610 ) – Energy independce !

Tel: +41 76 4904710


13, Chemin du Vaugueny, Épalinges, District de Lausanne, Vaud, 1066, Switzerland


AMPO is an international leader in stainless steel and high alloy castings as well as in highly engineered valves for the most severe applications and industries.

Through our AMPO SERVICE team we guarantee a prompt response to customer needs wherever they are throughout the world: technical support in start-up stages, equipment selection, predictive and preventive maintenance, training, etc.


Iker Kortejarena Ugarte

Sales Manager Hydrogen solutions

TEL.: +34 618 789 656



Leire Colomo, Innovation & Technology Development Director

Mobile: +34 31 73 68531




Barrio Katea S/N

20213 Idiazabal (Gipuzkoa)


Simplifhy is an Italian solution provider, located in Villasanta (MB). It offers strategies and systems for industry decarbonization, by the use of hydrogen as energy medium and alternative fuel.

Simplifhy realizes complete solutions on any application, ready to answer to specific customer needs. It is a  single point of contact in prefeasibility studies, engineering, and project execution in all possible applications in hydrogen production, transport and use, including installation, operation and maintenance.

The very well-established experience of the team in hydrogen processes and in energy, allows Simplifhy to design innovative solutions in production, storage, and use in any hydrogen application, from energy generation, refueling stations and hydrogen direct use in industrial processes.

Simplifhy is a benefit corporation, committed on top high standards of purpose, responsibility and transparency.


Sergio Torriani
Managing director

Simplifhy SB s.r.l.
Strada Provinciale 7 Per Lesmo 2A
CAP 20852, Villasanta,P.I. — C.F. 11660090967
T: +39 3515977725 


Milani S.p.A. was founded in 1964 as a family company, and has rapidly broaden its activities realizing important projects and transforming the company from a family business into an industrial enterprise, able to equally deal with little private clients and big industrial ones. Milani offers to its customers, a tested methods that merges a remarkable flexibility with a full-spectrum approach towards every project. These are the distinctive features of a customer service which is developed, step by step, from the feasibility stage to the design phase, and from the conclusion of works up to the following maintenance and management of systems.

Milani is active in electrical systems, automation, low voltage systems, photovoltaic systems and skid mounted units for gas treatment as well as engineering and have recently expanded their portfolio so they also now are active within the hydrogen space – which is closely linked to the electricity areas Milani has been working in for several decades. Milani works as an EPC for electrical, PV and hydrogen solutions.




TEL. + - MOB. +39.340.726.89.32




MAS Energy s.r.l. is an italian family-owned company, based in Palo del Colle (BA) estabilished by Ing. Gaetano Mastrandrea with over two decades in the successful development of photovoltaic and wind projects in Southern Italy.

With a passion for renewable energy and a deep understanding of the Italian energy market, Gaetano, with the collaboration of his son Onofrio Mastrandrea and his team, aims to promoting sustainable energy solutions and contributing to the fight against climate change.

MAS Energy has since grown to become a leader in the Southern Italian renewable energy sector, providing innovative and efficient solutions for businesses and communities alike. It has developed over 150 MW of authorizations, with around 50 MW currently in operation. Furthermore, at present there are over 500 MW of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) plants awaiting approval.

The company's success is rooted not only in dedication to professionalism and environmental consciousness, but also in strong collaboration with local authorities and communities. We prioritize involving them in all of projects to ensure that the area is properly protected.

According to Gaetano Mastrandrea, “renewable energy has the potential to revolutionize the way we power our World. By harnessing the power of the sun and wind, we can create clean and sustainable energy sources that will help to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. However, in order to fully realize the benefits of renewable energy, we need to address the issue of energy storage and transportation”.

This is where green hydrogen comes in. Undoubtedly it is a highly versatile element with a wide range of possible applications. It can be used as fuel cells, for heating and cooking, as well as for transportation.

Balancing the energy market, using hydrogen to accumulate energy during production hours and release it during the hours of greatest demand and absorption, is certainly the most interesting and convenient application.

Italy, as one of the largest producers of green energy, has at the forefront of promoting the use of hydrogen as a sustainable energy source. The country has set ambitious targets for reducing its carbon emissions and achieving a carbon-neutral economy and is investing heavily in the development and deployment of hydrogen technologies.

Overall, Hydrogen, combined with renewable energy, has the potential to revolutionize the energy sector and it holds great promise for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Thanks to a global perception, MAS Energy recognizes that both of these worlds, essentials to our future, have their strengths and weaknesses. That's why it is proposed as a conduit between the two worls, so closely linked, leveraging its expertise create innovative solutions that meet the needs of businesses and individuals alike.

It will require investment and innovation, but the potential benefits are enormous. By working together towards a common goal, with continued progress and collaboration, we can create a world powered by renewable energy and fueled by hydrogen.


Dott. Onofrio Mastrandrea

Mobile: +39 392 8129319


via Torquato Tasso,

n.4 Palo del Colle (BA),

70027 Italy

Skai Energies is a leading Australian hydrogen solutions project developer and technology supplier, specialising in guiding organisations through their transition to hydrogen-based clean energy. Leveraging strong partnerships with key European technology innovators such as Green Hydrogen Systems (modular pressurised alkaline electrolysers), Nilsson Energy (grid-disconnected hydrogen-based power systems), and GRZ Technologies (metal hydride storage and modularized power systems), we deliver comprehensive hydrogen solutions for localised 'green' power generation, storage, and utilisation.

Our approach is to work in close collaboration with our customers, to develop the critical elements that feed into a hydrogen project.  This typically includes the development of hydrogen strategies with clear direction and actionable plans, operational and commercial modelling, stakeholder engagement planning and implementation, hardware procurement, specialist engagement, and project implementation support.


Craig Ehrke, CEO
Mobile: +61.431-050-750

Skai Energies Ltd.

Camberwell, 3124, VIC 3144, Australia

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB, founded in 2018, is a knowledge and engineering company developing and applying circular, green, and emission-free energy solutions. Hydrogen is a clean and sustainable secondary energy source for the future of our planet. Hydrogen can be used for transport, real estate, power supply, grid balancing, modern agriculture, and industrial purposes.

Industrial scale hydrogen supply is today mainly based on natural gas or biomass. But, the technology behind hydrogen production from water is known since the 1830-ies. Our vision is that electrolysis of water will contribute to a totally emission-free mode of storing and using energy – a system where energy can be handled and distributed in the same way as we have done with fossil fuels.

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB  is focused on development and implementation of systems for production, handling and usage of green hydrogen, and other products generated by green power.


Patrik Malm, CEO
Mobile: +46 (0)730 – 328 314


Tage Erikson, Chairman

Mobile: +46 (0)70 – 245 3656


Stefan Björnhård, Project Management
Mobile: +46 (0)720 – 308 320

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB
Peter Myndes Backe 16
+46 8 21 61 20

HECHT – cryo & gas expert gmbh is a global player at home in Germany with more than 25 years of experience. A quarter of a century during which we have managed countless successful projects on behalf of our customers. We use this experience to actively support you with all aspects of engineering, installation, production and conversions in the fields of gas-to-liquids, vacuum technology, high pressure systems, etc.

HECHT cryo & gas expert GmbH
Am Friedhof 1
D-88273 Fronreute – Blitzenreute
+49 (0) 7502 57795-51

International sales partner for FLEXI HyCo:

KEP Technologies
28, avenue Barthélémy Thimonnier
69300 Caluire - FRANCE

Christian Wehrli 

Miami, Florida, United States

Mobile USA: +1 (954) 214-1812

Mobile EU: +41 (79) 527-3300


Established in 2005 the company has an extensive list of references within transport, storage, and bunkering of LNG/LBG. The company has delivered several turn-key filling stations and bunkering facilities for ships, including the bunkering facility for Fjord Line in Hirtshals, the first facility of its kind in Denmark. Since 2018, Liquiline’s focus has been within hydrogen. In 2019 a partnership with Green Hydrogen Systems was agreed, regarding sale of their electrolysers in Norway. Liquiline is today a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydrogen Solutions (HYDS). HYDS develops, builds, owns, and operates hydrogen plant, and their strategy is to produce green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives scalable and locally. HYDS opened its first plant (1 MW) at Norway’s West Coast in May this year, and the second one is under construction in Egersund with a planned start-up in December 2023. Learn more about Liquiline and HYDS at /


Knut Førland, Managing Director


Mobile: +47 918 41 001

Representing  international companies, STS offers a wide range of products and services to the Israeli industrial sector.

STS is a privately owned company, based in Israel, with over 20 years of experience in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Chemical and General Industries. 


Ori Ravin, CEO

P.O Box 50497 Tel Aviv 6150401 ISRAEL
Mobile: +972-54-5998469
Office: +972-3-5601213



Juan José del Campo Gorostidi

Calle Niort 13 – 3ºA
33204 Gijón. Asturias. España
Mobile: +34 984 290 360
Office: +34 639 020 936




fischer Power Solutions Germany

fischer Power Solutions GmbH is a manufacturer of high-performance lithium-ion battery systems with the highest requirements, as well as a supplier of systems for hydrogen-based electricity storage.

The company is part of the fischer group, which is active worldwide with eighteen locations in eight countries and has stood for continuity and innovation for over 50 years.


Guido Eckenwalder

Im Gewerbegebiet 7, 77855 Achern-Fautenbach, Germany
Mobile: + 49 (0) 151 250 38 119

GRZ Technologies Head Quarter

Route de la Plaine 47
1580 Avenches
+41 26 475 20 11




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Nous recherchons de nouveaux partenaires dans le monde entier pour nous aider à revendre nos solutions aux clients. Si vous êtes un EPC / intégrateur de systèmes et que vous avez besoin de nos solutions dans votre portefeuille, veuillez nous contacter et nous serons heureux de discuter avec vous de la façon dont nous pouvons vous aider et créer une équipe commune pour offrir à vos clients une excellente expérience. Contactez-nous ici.

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L’introduction d’un nouveau système énergétique respectueux de l’environnement est un défi mondial, c’est pourquoi la coopération entre les pays et les continents est cruciale. C’est pour cela que GRZ collabore avec des organisations partenaires au niveau international. Nous comptons parmi nos partenaires Hyundai Motor Company, Fischer Group, Auto AG et Messer Gas – de plus, notre écosystème hydrogène ne cesse de se développer. Les domaines de collaboration couvrent différents domaines, notamment la commercialisation conjointe de produits, la fabrication et la recherche et le développement. Vous êtes intéressé par une collaboration avec nous ? N’hésitez pas à nous contacter via notre formulaire de contact.