Partners and Investors

Our international sales partners

We work together with international sales partners to make our solutions available around the world. You may find them on the map below and contact them directly or reach out to us directly via our dedicated contact form.

Become a partner

We are looking for new partners globally to help resell our solutions to clients. If you are an EPC / System Integrator and have the need for our solutions in your portfolio – please contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you, how we can support you and create a common team to give your clients an excellent experience. Contact us here.

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Partners and investors

The introduction of a new, environmentally friendly energy system is a global challenge, so cooperation across countries and continents is crucial. GRZ therefore works together with partner organizations internationally. Our partners include the Hyundai Motor Company, the fischer group, Auto AG, and Messer Gas – moreover, our hydrogen eco-system is growing constantly. The fields of collaboration cover different field including joint commercialization of products, manufacturing, and R&D. Are you interested to work together with us too? Then do not hesitate to reach out to us via our dedicated contact form.