About us

We are in hydrogen technology for more than three decades

GRZ Technologies was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). The company’s pioneering technology is the result of several decades of research and development in the field of hydrogen, dating back to the 1990s. One of GRZ Technologies’ core competencies is the design and application of metal hydrides. GRZ uses these materials to manufacture hydrogen-based electricity storage systems, hydrogen storages, and thermal hydrogen compressors in Switzerland. In addition, through the realization of numerous challenging hydrogen projects in the MW-scale, GRZ Technologies possesses the competencies to design, build, and commission large hydrogen systems. The latest development is our methanation solution UPSOM – which enables the conversion of raw biogas to nearly 100% synthetic methane, thus almost doubling the output of ordinary biogas.

The design of our products requires careful engineering and optimization. Therefore, GRZ’s multidisciplinary team includes specialists from all relevant areas such as materials technology, mechanical and thermal engineering, software design, and project management. We operate our own materials laboratory and are continuously further developing our technology. Thanks to new, innovative approaches, combined with many years of experience, we are setting new standards in the field of hydrogen technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world fuelled by renewable energy – day and night, summer and winter.

Our Mission

We replace fossil-based energy systems with safe, cost-efficient, and sustainable hydrogen solutions.

Our Journey

Since our foundation in 2017, we have been working to become the leading global OEM supplier of hydrogen-to-X solutions for industries and gas / electric distribution networks alike.

Meet the management

Noris Gallandat


“After completion of my PhD at Georgia Tech, I have co-founded GRZ in 2017 with the ambition to contribute to the energy transition towards sustainability. I am proud that our company achieves a triple bottom line: our products help our customers to create earnings with renewable energy, we help to reduce the human impact on the environment, and every team member can learn and grow in our organization.”

Claudio Ruch


“We are entering a new normal in which low-cost renewable electricity is widely available. The logical consequence is transforming the surplus into hydrogen. We are providing solutions to utilize this renewable hydrogen in an economically and ecologically beneficial way! The inherent stochasticity of this process fascinates me as an automation engineer.”

Ernst Adler


“I have worked for decades in the field of hydrogen technology and have realized numerous challenging hydrogen projects in the entire world. Thereby, I have worked in all functions from the design of the machinery up to being responsible for entire operations as a COO. GRZ has rapidly transitioned into an industrial company and we are now focusing on increasing the production volumes at continously high quality and optimized cost.”

Henrik Steen Pedersen


“I started my career as an engineer in the telecommunications business. Many years after, I have turned to renewable energy solutions and in particular to hydrogen. I became an globally acclaimed professional with a long record of driving international hydrogen business. Today, I am applying these skills and lead our commercialization efforts. Thereby, we are developing entirely new markets since our products are about the smart use of hydrogen, not about its production.”

Our journey in milestones

It all started with the conviction that hydrogen enables the transition from renewable energy generation to a renewable energy world. During the development of our company, we have made the idea a reality.


Scaling up production of containerized standards

To reach even more clients and accelerate the hydrogen industry, we are scaling up to the production of containerized and standardized solutions

Containerized GRZ Technologies Product


GRZ moves again to a bigger site

The new site enables the production of more containerized products

grz gebäude


fischer group and Auto AG become strategic partners

The collaboration involves different aspects and enables the continued growth of GRZ


Scaling of production and organization

The number of projects built and delivered in all business activities increases. GRZ products are in service on 4 continents.

grz banner


Capital Increase

To more rapidly scale its business, GRZ executes a capital increase with a consortium of strategic investors led by the Hyundai Motor Company.



First DASH Power-to-Power project

The first hydrogen-based electricity storage project is started for a client in Switzerland.

GRZ Technologies Projekt EWB Wasserstoffbasierte Stromspeicherung


First sale of a large-scale compressor

Begin of product developments for larger-scale HyCo thermal compressors.


Market entry of the laboratory-scale HyCo hydrogen compressor

First commercial delivery of metal-hydrides compressor for laboratory applications.



Incorporation of GRZ Technologies

The decision was taken to move from lab to reality, GRZ was founded by Noris Gallandat, Claudio Ruch, and Andreas Züttel.


Prof. Andreas Züttel initiates R&D on hydrogen-absorbing materials

The scientific work led to ground-breaking results and was quoted more than 35 thousand times.