Selected References

GRZ Technologies has been successfully delivering and commissioning solid-state hydrogen solutions for years for our global customers from countries including Germany, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Norway, Germany, France, and the UK.  Selected references are listed below. Additional information is available upon request. Please contact us!

Noi Tech Park

Project: The Brunico “Noi Tech Park” project consists of a microgrid with hydrogen-based electricity storage that powers the offices of an innovation park. It constitutes the first industrial-scale application of the solid-state hydrogen storage technology in the Italian market.

GRZ was STE Energy’s subcontractor for the hydrogen storage system, STE Energy acting as general contractor for the whole power-to-power solution.

System Type: DASH Hydrogen Storage

Year: 2021

Location: Italy

Hydrogen-based electricity storage - ewb

Project: Complete and containerized hydrogen-based electricity storage system based on the DASH technology. Excess solar energy is stored in a peripheral part of the power grid and used on-demand for the fast-charging of electric vehicles.

System: DASH Hydrogen-to-Power System

Year: 2023

Location: Switzerland

Electricity to e-methane including hydrogen buffer storage

Project: Buffer storage for plant that produces synthetic methane from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide on the premises of Gaznat.

System: DASH Hydrogen Storage System and UPSOM reactor

Year: 2023

Location: Switzerland

High-pressure hydrogen delivery system for laboratories

Project: High-pressure hydrogen delivery systems for laboratories using hydrogen based on the HyCo technology – without moving parts.

System: FLEXI HyCo

Year: Since 2018

Location: Global