HyCo On-Site Refuelling Stations HRS (coming soon)

Transporting hydrogen on the road is tedious and costly. Based on GRZ’s proprietary HyCo compression technology, private on-site hydrogen refuelling stations can be designed with just two components: an electrolyzer and a HyCo.

The hydrogen infrastructure has been one of the limiting factors for the further development of hydrogen mobility. GRZ Technologies has been developing a novel hydrogen compression technology for several years – the HyCo technology. Several systems have been built since 2018. The compressors include unique features that enable the realization of on-site production, storage, and refuelling  delivering hydrogen at a highly competitive cost. The compressors are built without major moving parts and are therefore almost maintenance free. They are by design combined storage and compression units and can absorb the hydrogen from an electrolyzer or another low-pressure hydrogen source. Finally, thanks to their inherent safety properties, they can be safely installed where your operations take place. GRZ is currently preparing the product portfolio for commercialization. If you are interested in additional details, please inscribe below.