DASH M-series

Standardized Dense And Save Hydrogen Storage

DASH M-series hydrogen storage modules are solid-state hydrogen storage systems, in which hydrogen can be stored in the solid, atomic form within a special metallic structure. The storage is done at low pressure and thus eliminates the need for compression. They excel through excellent safety properties, a very high volumetric density, and a particularly long lifetime. The materials used in the storage system are easy to handle, 100% recyclable, and require comparatively little energy to be manufactured. The modular design enables the realization of storages containing any desired hydrogen capacity. Moreover, no ATEX zone is induced around the hydrogen storages, which facilitates many projects and applications.

Product advantages

Environmentally friendly energy storage

Greatly reduced environmental footprint and long lifetime. No need for compression decreases noise pollution and secures low Leveraged Cost Of Compression.

Easy integration

Standard, modular 3 kgH2 and 45 kgH2 storage modules that can be combined to fit your needs. The modules can be stacked to increase storage capacity on a very small footprint of i.e., 135 kg on 2 squaremeters.

No cycle limitations and capacity degradation

Fully reversible process without cycle limitations or degradation. After 10.000 cycles the full storage capacity is still available, and the storage capacity can be utilised 100% with up to 45 bar outlet pressure.

Safety without compromises

Our proven and patented solid-state hydrogen storage technology leads to excellent safety properties allowing for the installation in almost any environment, even indoors in basements.


DASH StorageM3M45
Storage Capacity3 kg.45 kg.
Maximun charge flow at 20 °C0.08 kg/h1.2 kg/h
Maximun discharge flow at 20 °C0.08 kg/h1.2 kg/h
Dimensions (LxWxH)1051x651x217 mm2000x1090x680 mm
Weight250 kg.3’450 kg.
ATEX zonesNoneNone
Noise emissionsNoneNone
Recommended charging pressure30 to 45 bar(g)30 to 45 bar(g)
Discharging pressure1 to 45 bar(g)1 to 45 bar(g)
Hydrogen supply purity4.5 (> 99.995%)4.5 (> 99.995%)
Hydrogen output purity4.5 (> 99.995%)4.5 (> 99.995%)
External Cooling/Heating requirementsNoneNone
Admissible ambient temperature-5 to +40 °C-5 to +40 °C
Expected service life> 30 years> 30 years