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The vision of GRZ Technologies is to enable a world fueled by renewable energy – day and night, summer and winter.
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At GRZ Technologies we are at the very heart of the ongoing energy transition – towards a net zero future.
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Storing renewable energy where it is generated? Of course!
Our technology allows storing and processing renewable energy at decentral locations in the grid.

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At GRZ Technologies we are at the very heart of the ongoing energy transition – in which we are progressing towards a net-zero and fully renewable energy system. For this transition, hydrogen plays a key role as a clean renewable energy carrier.

Our products take green hydrogen from an electrolyzer as an input and transform it to valuable on-demand electric power, to pressurized hydrogen for the mobility, or to synthetic and renewable methane. Thereby, our technology allows for reliable, safe, efficient, and compact storage and processing of the gas. In other words: We build systems that are designed to last and to work in decentral parts of the power and gas grid – the exact places where renewables are to be found.

We have been delivering our solutions since 2017 for a broad range of applications and global customers. Our products include hydrogen-based power-to-power systems, long-duration metal hydride storage solutions, thermal hydrogen compressors, as well as a modular methanation solution.

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GRZ has been part of the official Swiss delegation visiting Brazil in July, 2023. Hidrogênio brasileiro!


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