AMPO and GRZ strengthen their green hydrogen initiatives in the Iberian region

AMPO, a worldwide leader in highly engineered valves for the most severe services, and GRZ TECHNOLOGIES, experienced manufacturer of green hydrogen-based solutions, have entered into a partnership agreement.

With this new partnership, AMPO will be a commercial and integration partner of GRZ Technologies in Spain and Portugal, whose cutting-edge technology allows storing, compression and processing of renewable hydrogen and energy storage and generation at decentralized locations in the grid.

These hydrogen solutions take green hydrogen from an electrolyzer as an input and enable several applications. The hydrogen can be transformed into valuable on-demand electric power, stored at low pressure in a very dense, safe and compact way, compressed to be used in hydrogen mobility or for transportation, or capture CO2 and combine it with hydrogen to make synthetic and renewable methane. Thereby, these technologies allow for reliable, safe, efficient, and compact processing of the gas. In other words: AMPO will distribute and integrate systems that are designed to last and to work in decentral parts of the power and gas grid – the exact places where renewables are to be found.

The products include:

  • Hydrogen-based Electrical Energy Storage in MWh size
  • Long-duration metal hydride hydrogen storage solutions from kg to tons
  • Large Thermal dynamic hydrogen compressors
  • Modular methanation solutions for e-Methane through carbon capture and hydrogen

“We are excited that AMPO has become our Official Partner in Spain and Portugal,” says Henrik Steen Pedersen, CCO of GRZ Technologies. “The partnership with AMPO allows us to have a strong presence in Iberia and creates an opportunity to accelerate the transition to clean energy in Spain and Portugal. Most end-users of hydrogen applications are looking for complete turn-key solutions, and this is exactly what AMPO can deliver. Therefore, this partnership is a fantastic match for both our companies.”

“At AMPO we are experts in low carbon energies and we also have experience in strategic energy transition projects with hydrogen. This partnership with GRZ will strengthen our position as a green energy key player and will also strengthen our tailor-made INTEGRATED SMART SOLUTIONS (ISS) development services. Because at AMPO we offer more than just valves, we offer complete bespoke integrated systems.“ said Alex Eizmendi, Strategy Director at AMPO. “We have chosen GRZ’s modular technology for its ability to scale, integration possibilities with other technologies, safety and easy operation. We are excited to work closely with them driving energy transition for a more sustainable future”.

For any requests for green hydrogen solutions please contact:

Iker Kortejarena Ugarte

Sales Manager Hydrogen solutions

TEL.: +34 618 789 656


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