New partner in Switzerland

We are delighted to have INERSO as one of our esteemed GRZ Official Partners.

Since its beginning in 2016 INERSO has been committed to making a positive contribution to a more sustainable global energy supply by offering its customers innovative energy solutions with a focus on smart technologies, renewable energy sources and new business models. Today the company has 3 business activities:

  • Technology consulting, replacing fossil fuels with sustainable energy sources.
  • Development and realization of Industrial projects in the 100 kW to MW power range, together with technology and contracting partners.  
  • Design and supply of modular p-to-p energy system in the 1 to 40 kW power range.

Our partnership with GRZ Technologies SA is a key element of our business model, giving us access to their revolutionary hydrogen storage and fuel cell technology, which is typically part of most of our industrial projects and an important component of our modular energy units.

Together with our general contracting partner CES Cleantech Energy Systems/Energeek Group AG we can plan and execute large industrial site development projects, using stateof-the-art PV production and energy storage technology with the objective of achieving the highest possible energy autonomy. CES is also prepared to act as an investor, financing and operating the integrated energy system for the customer on a contracting basis.

Please let us know how we can help you with your sustainable energy challenge!

INERSO GmbH                                                                                                                      

Chamerstrasse 56                                                                                                                        

CH-6300 Zug

Fridolin Holdener, CEO

Mobile: +41 79 639 4976 or 

Hanspeter Rosenberg, CFO

Mobile: +41 79 321 8803. or