Investment by Auto AG

Strategic partnership in the field of hydrogen

The Auto AG Group recently acquired a substantial stake in GRZ Technologies AG. The young company, based in Grolley in freiburg, emerged from a spin-off from EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) and is considered a first-class technology partner in the field of hydrogen.

With the participation, the Auto AG Group sees great potential for further development in the field of alternative drives. The emission-free hydrogen technology is a particular focus. Marco Villiger, Head of Corporate Development & Digitization, Auto AG Group:

“In order for the breakthrough of H2 technology to take place, green hydrogen in particular must be able to be produced at an economical price. This is not the case today. We have to develop a technology that makes it possible to produce and store green hydrogen cheaply and in larger quantities. Only then can hydrogen-powered buses or commercial vehicles be used at competitive prices.”

Specialist for thermal hydrogen storage and compressors

The product portfolio of GRZ is based on several decades of research work in the field of hydrogen. The systems are used where hydrogen is converted from renewable electricity. In conjunction with Hyundai fuel cells and electrolysers from third-party suppliers, modern energy storage systems are being created up to the MWh range and higher. In addition, thermal hydrogen compressors are also implemented using the same technology, for example for company filling stations. Marco Villiger: «Auto AG has built up a great deal of expertise in the field of hydrogen in recent years. With the new GRZ cooperation, we will have even more intensive access to new solutions and thus further expand our H2 competence center and strengthen it with additional employees.

H2 generator with increased demand

The H2Genset hydrogen generator, which Auto AG developed and recently launched with SFC Energy AG and TestFuchs GmbH, is already in great demand. The mobile power supply with hydrogen is particularly important in view of the announced power shortage. Marco Villinger:

“With our experience and the innovative H2 solutions from GRZ, in addition to the H2Genset, we have additional opportunities to alleviate the power shortage and contribute to grid stability.”

Strengthening of the H2 service and maintenance area

In addition to the above-mentioned access to new GRZ solutions, Auto AG plans to sell GRZ systems and components and take on service and maintenance work. This will once again significantly strengthen the initiative in the field of hydrogen. Marc Ziegler, CEO of the Auto AG Group:

“We see hydrogen not only as a drive concept for the future, but also as an elementary component of a climate-neutral energy supply. The participation in GRZ is a further step in the development of our H2 competencies.”

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CEO Auto AG Group
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Unternehmensentwicklung & Digitalisierung
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