GRZ goes to Australia

Welcome to Skai Energies as GRZ Official Partner in Australia. 🤝

Skai Energies is a leading Australian hydrogen solutions project developer and technology supplier, specialising in guiding organisations through their transition to hydrogen-based clean energy. Leveraging strong partnerships with key European technology innovators such as Green Hydrogen Systems (modular pressurised alkaline electrolysers), Nilsson Energy (grid-disconnected hydrogen-based power systems), and GRZ Technologies (metal hydride storage and modularized power systems), Skai delivers comprehensive hydrogen solutions for localised ‘green’ power generation, storage, and utilisation.

Skai’s approach is to work in close collaboration with their customers, to develop the critical elements that feed into a hydrogen project.  This typically includes the development of hydrogen strategies with clear direction and actionable plans, operational and commercial modelling, stakeholder engagement planning and implementation, hardware procurement, specialist engagement, and project implementation support.

We at GRZ are very happy to have a local GRZ Official Partner in Australia – which allows us to make our dense and safe hydrogen solutions available to clients in Australia.

For any requests please contact Skai Energies directly.

Craig Ehrke

M: +61.431-050-750

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