More presence in Italy

We are happy to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Simplifhy in Italy – to be more present in the fast growing hydrogen market in Italy. 

Simplifhy is an Italian solution provider, located in Villasanta (MB). It offers strategies and systems for industry decarbonization, by the use of hydrogen as energy medium and alternative fuel.

Simplifhy realizes complete solutions on any application, ready to answer to specific customer needs. It is a single point of contact in prefeasibility studies, engineering, and project execution in all possible applications in hydrogen production, transport and use, including installation, operation and maintenance.

The very well-established experience of the team in hydrogen processes and in energy, allows Simplifhy to design innovative solutions in production, storage, and use in any hydrogen application, from energy generation, refueling stations and hydrogen direct use in industrial processes.

Simplifhy is a benefit corporation, committed on top high standards of purpose, responsibility and transparency.

For any requests, please contact Simplifhy directly.
Sergio Torriani
Managing director
Simplifhy SB s.r.l.
Strada Provinciale 7 Per Lesmo 2A
CAP 20852, Villasanta,P.I. — C.F. 11660090967
T: +39 3515977725