Welcome to SHG Supreme Hydrogen as GRZ Official Partner in Sweden

We are happy to have SHG Supreme Hydrogen as our local partner in Sweden – and making our products available in Sweden for a series of applications.

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB, founded in 2018, is a knowledge and engineering company developing and applying circular, green, and emission-free energy solutions. Hydrogen is a clean and sustainable secondary energy source for the future of our planet. Hydrogen can be used for transport, real estate, power supply, grid balancing, modern agriculture, and industrial purposes.
Industrial scale hydrogen supply is today mainly based on natural gas or biomass. But, the technology behind hydrogen production from water is known since the 1830-ies. Our vision is that electrolysis of water will contribute to a totally emission-free mode of storing and using energy – a system where energy can be handled and distributed in the same way as we have done with fossil fuels.

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB  is focused on development and implementation of systems for production, handling and usage of green hydrogen, and other products generated by green power.

Reach out directly to see what SHG can offer to you:

Patrik Malm, CEO
E-mail: patrik.malm@supremehydrogen.com
Mobile: +46 (0)730 – 328 314


Tage Erikson, Chairman
E-mail: tage.erikson@supremehydrogen.com
Mobile: +46 (0)70 – 245 3656


Stefan Björnhård, Project Management
E-mail: stefan.bjornhard@supremehydrogen.com
Mobile: +46 (0)720 – 308 320

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB
Peter Myndes Backe 16
+46 8 21 61 20

Stainless steel parts of a GRZ hydrogen system