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Updated on 30 May 2024

Special hydrogen storage applications

GRZ Technologies’ DASH hydrogen storage has been successfully used in multiple projects where
safety was the decisive factor. This was made possible thanks to the excellent safety properties of the
technology in comparison with pressure and liquid hydrogen solutions. Insights into some of these projects are offered in this article. More information is available upon request.

Around the world #

In the beginning of the year 2021, GRZ shipped a storage to a client that used it literally to travel around the world. In this project, safety under challenging environmental limits was essential. Four storage modules with a storage capacity of 12.5 kgH2 each were delivered for the integration in ISO containers by the client. These containers were then transported out and used at various locations all over the globe, including sites in both arid hot and cold climates. In some cases, the sites were only accessible by dirt tracks instead of roads implying additional stress on the equipment that successfully mastered these challenges. The storages have managed all of these challenges and are now back at the headquarters for continued use.

Hydrogen storage systems delivered by GRZ that were used in an application all over the globe.

Placed in a building #

In 2022, a storage system was shipped to the Italian company STE energy. Four storage modules with a
total capacity of 40 kgH2 are part of a project in which a full power-to-power system is integrated inside
an office building, further images and details are also shown here. The fact that the gas is stored inside the building occupied by the company workers required a very high safety level that can not be achieved with other hydrogen storage technologies.

Hydrogen storage in the infrastructure #

As was explained with these two examples, the DASH hydrogen storages are usable in rugged environments and fulfill highest safety stanards. Contact us for mor information, if you have special applications that do not require any storage but the best storage.

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